Thursday, January 6, 2011

Ted Williams: The Homeless Man with the Golden Voice

Some of you may have seen the recent story of Ted Williams, "The Homeless Man with a Golden Voice." A video of Williams went viral in the last couple of days and his life has completely changed. Williams has an amazing voice, and has worked as a radio announcer, but became homeless and jobless due to his struggles with drugs and alcohol. In the video he says that he has been sober for the last two years, however, and now his life is turning around. Due to the millions who saw his video in the last few days Williams has received an enormous amount of attention and good fortune.

He was interviewed by the Today show this morning, he was able to reunite with his estranged 90 year old mother, and the Cleveland Cavaliers NBA basketball team offered him a house and a job as an announcer.

According to Wikipedia, Williams was born in Brooklyn on Sept 22 1957. There are many correlation that could be explored here. He has a Mercury Pluto Moon triple conjunction which really fits the powerful communication ability. Mercury-Pluto can be the powerful voice, the deep voice, and the Mercury-Moon aspect brings the capacity to forge emotional connections with the voice. Also, the Mercury square to Saturn fits the professional communicator as well as the obstacles that have prevented him from using his voice recently: Saturn brings delayed gratification, the hard-won success at the end of a long hard road late in life. Williams also would have Saturn square his Moon for most of the day (no birth time), and this would really fit his being estranged from his mother and the rest of his family (he has nine children) during the years of his active addiction. Of course it also relates to his homelessness, with the Moon relating to the experience of one's home, and Saturn bringing the potential for suffering.

But what is really striking are Williams transits. I wondered how the Jupiter Uranus conjunction would be hitting his chart, as this is such a classic Jupiter-Uranus story: the clear qualities of rebirth, the amazing rapid happy turnaround, the striking it rich, the success mediated by technology. I speculated that Williams might have the Jupiter-Uranus hitting his Sun, as this is such a clear case of the successful hero, and with all of the positive attention, the instant fame, the association of his name (Sun) with gold (Jupiter). And indeed when I saw the chart there it was: Jupiter-Uranus just two degrees opposite his Sun (and with Mars it fits the job offer from a sports team). Amazing!

Williams also has transiting Pluto starting to square his natal Jupiter which you sometimes see when people have periods of enormous expansion in their lives, and when you see triumphant movements from the underworld to the mountaintop peaks. He is also still in the period of transiting Saturn conjunct natal Jupiter which can be the "rags to riches" combo. We'll have to watch and see how things play out for him, but he certainly has some helpful archetypal energy coming his way.

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